About Juices and Juice Blends from Black River Juice

In a time-honoured rural tradition, our fruit is cold temperature pressed which guarantees wholesomeness, healthy benefits and great taste for consumers to enjoy. All our pressed juices are unfiltered,  preserved  by freezing until bottled, and packed in glass bottles -- nature’s best package for juices.  No sugar OR preservatives are added.

Juices from concentrate are made from top quality concentrates , sourced in the best producing regions of the world for each particular fruit.
Juice BLENDS are mixtures of two or more juices, usually combining a tart juice with one or more sweeter juices to create a balanced and tasty effect.  (Take a few sips of pure cranberry juice and you will understand why BLENDS are a good idea !) Our BLENDS used to be called NECTARS, but changes to labelling regulations made it necessary to stop using that description. 

All Black River juices are Pasteurized, with the exception of our FROZEN CRANBERRY JUICE in the 400ml plastic cylinder for those consumers wanting raw cranberry juice.
Each glass bottle is coded individually with the Julian date of production, plus an expiry date.  Codes are found on the cap or the side of the bottle just above the label.